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Cayman Crystal Caves is situated in the lush tropical forest of beautiful North Side. Book a guided tour and get ready to embark upon an underground adventure into a fascinating world. You’ll experience some of the best nature Cayman has to offer.

All visitors will be escorted through the caves by a knowledgeable tour guide, discovering the beauty of “Cayman Down Under” and listening to stories and facts about Cayman’s oldest landmark. Within the caves, visitors can spy spectacular stalactite and stalagmite crystal structures formed by nothing more than single drops of water and the slow passage of time.

Guests will also have the opportunity to tour the surrounding tropical forest, which is home to a variety of tropical plants and animal life, including magnificent strangler balsam trees, air plants and parrots. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for bats inside the caves, too!

The Treehouse Cafe serves freshly prepared meals all day, specialising in tasty Caribbean and international cuisine. Menu items are sourced locally depending on the season to showcase the best of what Cayman has to offer. There is also a full bar, including local draught beer and soft drinks. Grab some lunch and a cold drink and take a seat on their elevated deck. As you relax and enjoy your meal, you’ll be treated to views overlooking a canopy of trees and cave entrances.

A gift shop is also available on-site and has beautiful locally-made products. Browse Silver Thatch crafts, unique Caymanite pieces and other lovely souvenirs.


Open seven days a week, with the exception of Good Friday and Christmas Day.

Guided tours (90-minutes) take place eight times a day and run from 9am-4pm.

The Treehouse Cafe is open 10am-5pm.

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What to Expect

We stopped at the Crystal Caves during our short trip to the Caymans and were very happy with our decision. We've never seen anything like these caves and likely never will! Andre, our guide, was funny and very informative throughout our tour -- he actually played in the caves as a kid! They take you through 3 caves.

Erin R
Erin R
Crystal Caves Visitor

I have lived on the island for 14 years. I can say honestly this new tour of the caves was such a wonderful experience. The guides are knowledgeable, the caves are stunning and the tour is world class.

Denise S
Crystal Caves Visitor


  • Cayman’s oldest landmark
  • Three caves, including the open-ceiling cave, the roots cave and the lake cave
  • Enjoy the beauty of the surrounding tropical forest, including captivating plants and animal life
  • Knowledgeable tour guides offering stories from Cayman’s history and facts about the geological significance of this natural wonder
  • Restaurant & gift shop on site

Please note that all tours need to be pre-booked before arrival. 48 hours notice is required for cancellation without penalty.

All participants must be able to climb stairs unassisted for this tour.


Crystal Caves Guided Tour

Please note that all tours need to be pre-booked before arrival.

  • Adults
    US $40 / person
  • Children (12 and under)
    US $30 / person

Payment Terms

Cash, Visa, MC, Discover and AMEX

Restaurant & Gift Shop

Treehouse restaurant

Treehouse Restaurant

On-site restaurant and bar serving delicious food and drinks. Work up a big appetite while touring the caves then re-fuel in the tree top restaurant.

Crystal Caves gift shop

Crystal Caves Gift Shop

Following your tour, pick up souvenirs and locally made goods at the Crystal Caves gift shop.


Crystal Caves Tour

Enjoy a guided tour of the Crystal Caves and embark upon an underground adventure into a fascinating world.

Recommended ages: 3-80

90 minutes
From US$30

Additional Information

Over the course of millions of years, the Cayman Crystal Caves were created by nature. Fossilised shells and animal life found within reveal that they first originated under the sea.

As time went by, sea levels around the Cayman Islands changed and the erosion from these events helped carve out a series of interior rooms within the rocks. A beautiful cave system developed.

Within these caves, spectacular stalagmite and stalactite crystals began to form. Rain water dripping through the limestone ceiling left calcium deposits, and as the rain travelled from the surface, it also passed through the surrounding plants, earth and organic matter. This made the rain water turn acidic, and it dissolved parts of the limestone, dripping through the cave ceilings. Over time, these single drops have formed incredible otherworldly crystal structures — a natural phenomenon that is still happening today!

Hundreds of years ago, these caves provided hideouts for pirates and shelter for sailors looking for respite from the elements and tropical hurricanes. Legend has it that pirate treasure may still exist today, buried deep within the caves!

When the Island eventually became home to permanent settlements, locals used the lush forest around the caves as farmland. The community mined the caves for the rich fertiliser which was produced by the bat guano. However, in the last half-century, farming around the area came to a close, and the caves sat mostly forgotten until the early 1990s when proper search and exploration began. It took almost two decades to officially open the caves, and now, many years later, locals and tourists have the opportunity to experience this incredible part of Cayman’s history.


69 North Side Road
North Side, Grand Cayman

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