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Local Caribbean in Grand Cayman

Find the best local Caribbean food in Grand Cayman, including authentic spots and some upscale fusion takes on Caribbean cuisine.

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Last updated 18 December, 2023

In the Cayman Islands, local Caribbean cuisine means lots of fresh seafood, delicious and plump wood roasted jerk chicken, exotic spices and seasonings and hearty root vegetables. Heat isn’t just a temperature – Caymanian’s like their food spicy and flavourful! Read on for where to find authentic local cuisine on Island.

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Being in Cayman means you're lucky enough to try some of the best Caribbean cuisine. Dishes are seafood and meat heavy but you can absolutely find vegetarian options to suit your palette. You're sure to have heard of jerk chicken, curry goat and rice and peas, but you'll also find unique plates like Rundown, manish water and heavy cake. Much of Caymanian cuisine is inspired by Jamaica, so you'll find many similar flavours to that of our neighbours. 

Singh’s Roti Shop & Bar in Cayman has an array of Trinidadian dishes and local favourites. Dhalpouri roti with curry chicken, goat or conch, fish and bake fritter, stew chicken and pepper shrimp are just some of the highlights on the menu. 

Chicken! Chicken! is famous (primarily) for one thing: their delicious, savoury, overwhelmingly mouthwatering Caribbean wood roasted chicken. It's a home-style Caribbean spot famous throughout Cayman to locals and visitors alike. 

A quaint little spot in West Bay, Heritage Kitchen is a truly Cayman-style shack with traditional dishes. Choose between fresh fish fry, fritters and all the most popular dishes in Cayman. Sit at their wooden benches and watch the waves.

If you're wanting a beautiful view to accompany your Cayman fare, Macabuca is the spot for you. Their range of conch offerings, including breaded cracked conch, conch fritters and conch chowder, are all good and they have a section of their menu dedicated to the taste of Cayman. Here you'll find smoked jerk pork rib, Cayman-style lobster tails, blackened mahi and more!

Just through Bodden Town, South Coast is a lovely option for a spot of lunch by the sea. With all the usuals, there are dishes like rasta pasta, lobster breakers and local jerk chicken sausage.

Peppers, along West Bay Road, is a hugely popular spot that delivers on some of the tastiest Caribbean food out there. It's also a very lively spot most nights with live music and a bustling atmosphere. 


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