Places to Stay in George Town

Places to Stay in George Town

For now there is only one hotel and resort in George Town, Grand Cayman, and it is called Sunset House.

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Last updated 12 December, 2023

If you want to stay in the George Town area of Grand Cayman the following hotel is available to you. They also have a dive shop and two restaurants on the property. It is know as the hotel by divers for divers. 

Sunset House Grand Cayman, is an easy 15 minute walk south of George Town in a quiet, cruise-ship-free location, right next to the rocky shoreline, and world-renowned for their wonderful shore diving. All their rooms are equipped with fridges and coffeemakers, and there is free WiFi throughout the resort.

As one of the foremost dive hotels in Grand Cayman, they have many amenities designed to please avid diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. Plus they have two restaurants: Seaharvest Restaurant and My Bar which is right on the water.


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