Deep Sea Fishing in the Cayman Islands

Deep Sea Fishing in the Cayman Islands

Your guide to deep sea fishing in the Cayman Islands: learn about what to fish for and when to go, find deep sea fishing charters.

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Last updated 18 December, 2023
Y-Knot fishing charters and guests with a Wahoo

The joy of deep sea fishing in Cayman is that the drop off is only a quarter of a mile from shore where depths reach 800m. Not far after that, the Cayman Trench extends down to 20,000 feet where the sea is teeming with fish life. With depths this close to shore, you’ll spend more time fishing and less hours getting to and from fishing grounds!

Y-Knot Charters

Private Charters & Fishing

Y-Knot Private Charters offers customisable half and full day adventures! Explore Stingray City, Starfish Point and top snorkelling spots, alternatively try deep-sea fishing or a magical Bioluminescent Bay tour. You can also include seaside dining stops as part of your adventure.

Venture Out with a Fishing Charter

Cook & Catch

Some restaurants on-Island will cook your catch for a small fee. Call ahead to your favourite restaurant on Island and let them know in advance

Going further offshore and fishing in deeper waters means you’ll have a greater chance of catching sport fish. Expect to catch wahoo, tuna, mahi mahi (also called dolphin, locally), barracuda and if you are lucky, blue marlin. The heaviest fish ever caught in Cayman waters was a 250lb blue marlin! Wahoo season runs from November to March and tuna from March to June. Marlin and mahi mahi are plentiful throughout the year, eager fishermen will be happy to note!

Catch and Release

Respect local regulations and practise catch-and-release for certain species. Conservation efforts help maintain healthy fish populations for future generations. Juvenile gamefish should always be returned to the ocean quickly and humanely.

Cayman Islands Sailing Charters

Private Boat Charters

Cayman Islands Sailing Charters offers you a personable, private sailing charter, tailored to your specific needs at competitive prices.

If you are booking a fishing trip through a charter company, make sure you choose one that caters to your abilities to guarantee an enjoyable and well-spent day. Fishing trips tend to leave early, around 7am, and some tour operators will serve lunch on board. Most tour operators offer half-day and full-day excursions. Please see our page on Fishing Trips & Charters for more information on what to expect from your deep sea fishing trip!


Fish Facts

Click for more information on fishing in the Cayman Islands, from the Angling Club

Without the right equipment, you’re likely setting yourself up for a loss on your deep sea fishing trip! While a catch is never guaranteed when fishing, using the right bait and tackle increase your chances of reeling in that trophy catch.

There are many different types of fishing rods, suited to different styles of deep sea fishing, so research your options to ensure you have chosen the right fit for the kind of fishing you intend on doing. But don't worry, if you're going out on a charter they will be able to supply you with the correct equipment and sound advice.

Divers Supply

Dive & Snorkel Gear

Divers Supply has everything you need for a safe and well-organised day on the day on the ocean, including water bottles, sunscreen, headgear and other apparel.


As with gear, the type of bait you use when fishing can vary too! Depending on the type of fish you are hoping to catch, you may consider a range of bait options – from lipless crankbaits to rattle baits. To gain some insight on which option works best for deep sea fishing in Cayman, speak to a professional at any of the marine supply stores on island, or better still, book a fishing charter and defer to the expert advice of the crew.

Where to find bait

As fishing is a popular pursuit in Cayman and even part of the culture and national identity, bait is available in large varieties and quantities at supermarkets. If they are closed, for example on Sundays, most gas stations have frozen bait too. Tight lines!

Cayman Luxury Charters

Private Boat Charter

Luxury private charters. Step aboard their stunning boats where you'll enjoy a special day cruising the North Sound.

Cayman Luxury Charters offers an unforgettable experience on the water aboard their stunning boats, where you'll enjoy a spectacular day cruising the North Sound.


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